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Pediatric Dentistry

We Treat Your
Child Gently

“Tell me and I forget; show and I remember; involve me and I understand.”

This quote describes the Tell-Show-Do (TSD) technique that Dr. Petroff uses when treating her youngest patients. We wish every child had a dentist like Dr. Petroff. She is exceptionally trained in many of the services that dental patients need, so if your child does need restoration or treatment for any other dental problems, they’re seeing the same dentist. Dr. Petroff also has some of the newest technology available that makes many treatments fast and virtually pain-free. And she also has a master’s degree in child psychology and was a practicing clinical child psychologist.

During the first visit, and other following visits as needed, Dr. Petroff practices TSD, which will help to desensitize your child to our instruments we use, like the mirror and tooth counter to show them how easy a dental visit can truly be.

Part of Tell includes questions to engage your child and help her relax. Such as: Have you seen your teeth in a mirror? Do you want good shiny white teeth?

Show can include:

  • Let me show you how to clean teeth and make teeth white…
  • See, this is a water–spray (which Dr. Petroff shows on her hand)

Then Do will include only a very few, basic procedures to let the child get used to what happens at the dentist. Dr. Petroff will be completely honest with your child, explain what she’s doing at all times, and offer play breaks in our waiting room if necessary. What a great way to get your child started on a lifetime of good dental health!