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Solea Laser

Making your Broadview Heights Dentistry Easier

Advanced Technology with Heather J. Petroff DDS!

On the forefront of dental technology

For treatments like removing decay from a tooth, or gum treatments, Dr. Petroff uses the Solea high-tech laser that actually replaces the dental drill and can be adjusted to use on soft tissues for gum treatment, frenectomy (removal of the connecting tissue between the tongue and gums on the bottom, and between the lip and gums on the top of your mouth), or for treating mouth ulcers.

What does this mean for you? Everything you know about going to the dentist is changing. Since Solea replaces the drill, there are no loud noises, no needles, and soreness is rare! Another amazing benefit of this technology is the ability for Dr. Petroff to complete several treatments with the convenience of only one dental appointment!

The Solea laser is so new, only 700 dentists in the U.S. are trained and certified to use it. We are excited to be one of the early adopters of this amazing technology that can help so many people who might be afraid of going to the dentist and put off the treatment they need!