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Gum Recontouring

When you need to have more of your tooth exposed to treat it below the gum or to make it line up better with other teeth, then Dr. Petroff can lengthen the tooth by removing or reshaping a small amount of the gum surrounding it.

Dr. Petroff uses a laser procedure to remove and reshape uneven or excessive gum tissue. Sometimes the gums can cover the teeth so much that they look distorted. By removing and reshaping the excess gum tissue, Dr. Petroff can expose more of the tooth and create an improved shape.

Dr. Petroff is one of only 700 dentists in the country certified to use the Solea soft- and hard-tissue laser for treatments like gum recontouring or other soft-tissue problems like gum disease. The Solea laser is fast and precise, eliminates bleeding during gum treatments, and in many cases, reduces the need for anesthesia.