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Dental X-rays are an important tool in the diagnosis of dental problems. Dr. Petroff uses a digital x-ray system to minimize the amount of radiation a patient receives. Digital X-rays use 80 percent less radiation than traditional X-rays. The X-rays allow Dr. Petroff to provide a thorough dental examination. Radiographs reveal tooth decay, tooth abscess, cysts or tumors, impacted teeth, and the health of fillings, crowns, bridges, and root canals. They can also reveal bone loss from periodontal disease and detect tartar buildup. If you are a new patient, or are in need of a dental treatment, please expect a full set of X-rays to be captured during your dental examination.

Another integral piece of technology that we have available to our patients is our intra-oral cameras. These cameras are used to show patients exactly what we see and magnify what we may not see as easily. These photos are an excellent means for monitoring areas of concern. They also allow for more concise re-evaluation at follow up appointments. The photos taken with these cameras also enable us to communicate more clearly with specialists.