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What is The Solea Laser?

added on: November 27, 2018
Solea Laser

Dr. Heather J. Petroff’s dental patients in Broadview Heights can tell you, the Solea high-tech laser can fill cavities without pain or anesthesia. Your treatment is finished fast and you’re always comfortable.

Solea is the first laser approved for use on both tooth and gum tissues by the American Dental Association and Dr. Petroff is one of only a few hundred dentists in the nation who is trained and certified to administer this sought-after type of treatment. Dr. Petroff can adjust the thickness of the laser to within a fraction of a millimeter for added precision during every procedure.

Can Solea Help My Smile?

Absolutely! Being a dentist in Broadview Heights means meeting patients of all ages and backgrounds whose dental needs differ from day to day. Dr. Petroff takes extra time to research and learn about advanced technology such as Solea for this very reason. She only offers the very best, most effective devices and treatment techniques – completely changing the way people feel about seeing the dentist.

The Solea also presents flexible applications, in fact, it is customizable for the various types of tissue in a tooth – both hard and soft surfaces – so it can be used in a variety of procedures. Since Solea makes dentistry faster and more efficient, multiple procedures can be done in one appointment, and then patients can return to life as usual, without waiting for novocaine to wear off.

With Solea, you’ll never have to hear the dental drill. There’s never any loud noises, sharp needles, or post-treatment soreness. Dr. Petroff is thrilled when a patient gets to experience the Solea laser for the first time – whether they’re getting a cavity filled or treating mouth ulcers or gum disease. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel in just one quick and easy dental visit!

What Are You Waiting For?

Are you interested in learning more about Dr. Petroff’s Solea laser solutions for your smile? We invite you to reach out to our dental office in Broadview Heights and schedule a consultation. We’re happy to show you around and explain how Solea will help get your teeth in top-notch shape. It’s just another way Dr. Petroff and her talented team are coming together to change the way you feel about dentistry – for good!

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