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My Life-Changing Experience with Solea

added on: December 5, 2018
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As I write this blog, it’s bringing back memories of the anxiety I felt about seeing the dentist that started from a very young age. I had bad experiences at several different dental offices when I was growing up so, as an adult, I was hesitant to make an appointment anywhere!

But my teeth were in bad shape. I realized that the longer I waited to see the dentist, the more traumatic (and probably more expensive) it would be to get over my fears of drills and needles. I am hoping my story will compel other people to call Dr. Heather J. Petroff and let her show you all the ways she can help you and your smile feel better.

I researched dentists in Broadview Heights online. Once I started reading about Dr. Petroff, her team, and her really up-to-date office and technology – I knew this was the place I could trust to help me feel better. And, I was so right about that!

What really amazed me (besides everyone being so nice and going out of their way to always make sure I was comfortable) was the dental technology Dr. Petroff has in her office – specifically the Solea laser. It’s strange to think that a laser completely changed my mind about having dental work done.

I had quite a few cavities, to say the least. But guess what? Dr. Petroff was able to prepare my teeth for filling so quickly. I never saw a drill. I was never squirming in my seat because of strange dental noises. I didn’t have to walk around with a numb mouth after any procedure either! Dr. Petroff was able to take care of my tooth decay and gum disease easily, at the same time all thanks to the Solea.

I can honestly say that knowing Dr. Petroff has high-tech technology like Solea, it makes me less hesitant to cancel my appointment due to worries and anxiety. I knew she’d make sure I was free from fear and pain. I was so proud of my progress, the dental work Dr. Petroff completed, and the amazing treatment with the Solea, that I’ve told so many people to make this office their permanent dental home.

It’s too easy to keep putting off taking care of your teeth if you’re nervous or frightening. I hope you’ll trust me when I say, you don’t have to worry with Dr. Petroff and Solea. Together they’re going to make you rethink how you feel about seeing the dentist and what you’ll do to make you and your smile healthy. Please don’t hesitate to call their dental office in Broadview Heights and share your story! You have nothing to lose but your teeth.

~ One Very Grateful Patient

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