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Why Parents LOVE Solea Laser Treatment

added on: December 11, 2018
three kids at the dental office

As a parent, you know how challenging it can be to get a child to do something they just don’t want to do – beginning at a very young age.

Going to the dentist is no different because let’s face it, it’s not the most thrilling place to spend your time (especially as a child.) But ask any of the parents who bring their child or teen to see Dr. Heather J. Petroff and you’ll quickly see a pattern of positively glowing reviews. Why? It’s in part due to quick, comfortable, and pain-free treatment with Solea laser.

Goodbye, Drill! Hello, Happy Patients!

Young patients tend to have more anxiety than adult before a dental appointment, so you want to take them to a place where they feel comfortable and are able to relax during any type of treatment. With Solea, nervousness is never an issue. The state-of-the-art laser is free from:

  • Noise
  • Pain
  • Blood
  • Anesthesia

Your child spends less time in the dental chair waiting for Novocain to set in or wear off. They’re happier and so are you!

One & Done

It’s like music to your ears when you hear that your little one will probably only need one visit at Dr. Petroff’s Broadview Heights dental office – depending on their type of Solea treatment. Because the laser works so fast and efficiently, Dr. Petroff and team can complete most dental procedures in only a matter of minutes without any follow-up care. That way everyone can get back to their day without even feeling like they were just at the dentist.

Go Ahead, Enjoy Your Day

Without anesthesia or excessive bleeding, your child will be able to get out of the chair and leave the office shortly after Dr. Petroff finishes her comprehensive treatment. They won’t have to worry about pain, waiting for swelling to subside, or feeling embarrassed to talk due to numbness.

These are just a few ways Solea laser treatment is changing the way parents and our littlest patients feel about dentistry. You’ll be amazed at everything this technology can do for you and your child’s dental health. It all starts with a call to this modern, up-to-date dental office in Broadview Heights. Take some time to save you time (and headaches) down the road by learning more about how Solea can help heal your family.